[xml] retrive schema error.

A few days ago I posted question regarding how to retrive schema validation error.
I tried the call back function like this:
char errbuf[500];
void error_func(void *context, const char *format, ...)
  va_list arguments;
  va_start(arguments, format);
  vsprintf(errbuf, format, arguments);
 xmlSchemaSetValidErrors(ctxt, (xmlSchemaValidityErrorFunc)error_func,
                (xmlSchemaValidityWarningFunc)error_func, 0);
I just want to copy the error message into a global buffer. But I got segfault when running the test program if the validation failed.  I thought it wasthe problem caused by the last argument of xmlSchemaSetValidErrors
which is context, in my case what contex should I assign it to ? I tried stderr, stdout, and 0, none worked.
Thank you!

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