Re: [xml] RNG error messages?

On Sun, Apr 18, 2004 at 01:19:31AM -0400, Chris Ryland wrote:
I see! An interesting challenge--doesn't it involve backtracking to 
some degree, since RNG specifically allow ambiguity?

  precisely, backtracking in an history of potential errors,
where some of them have ot be removed as progress is made.

Is there anything one could work on to help make this better, or is it 
really all too deep magic to even contemplate?

  It's not trivial due to the fact it's tied to the algorithm
used to implement the validation. There are clearly isolated routines
like xmlRelaxNGDumpValidError(), xmlRelaxNGPopErrors(), 
xmlRelaxNGLogBestError() and xmlRelaxNGValidateElementEnd().

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