RE: [xml] xmlTextReaderClose causing segfault

As I noted in my earlier email, there may still be a bug in this area.  Even though my problem "appeared" to 
be solved, I am still a little perplexed as to why reader->ctxt would have a very valid value, but yet it 
appears as though the block of memory pointed was not allocated (at the point of free(reader->ctxt).  I could 
not find any place where I was inadvertently freeing reader->ctxt in my code.   You may have to send a        
bug-reproducible piece of code to the folks who provide the libxml2 package(s).  Good luck to you.
M. Jones

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Subject: Re: [xml] xmlTextReaderClose causing segfault

I have gone through with a debugger and even tried dumbing it way down. Its only when I try to use 
xmlTextReaderClose that the problem happens as that is one of the 2 places (other than xmlFreeTextReader) 
where xmlFreeParserCtxt is called. Once I make the call to xmlTextReaderClose, the final call to 
xmlFreeTextReader segfaults (actually in xmlTextReaderFreeDoc) as the first test for the context in 
xmlFreeTextReader is:
if (reader->ctxt != NULL) { // Here it is not NULL but has already been freed so it's garabge).

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