[xml] Obtaining xpath expression original value

    I'm using libxml2.6.2, Nad I'm working in a framework to easily program xslt extensions in c++.
I'm trying to report if an argument is invalid (for example, if an xpath _expression_ returns a invalid type of argumnet, i.e. expecting one string and receiving a subtree). Obtaining the original xpath expresion would be great
(for example: "/root/tree/firstnode is not of type boolean")(
void xslFunctionCallback(xmlXPathParserContextPtr ctxt, int nargs)
in libxml source code, two fields of xmlXPathParserContext struct would have this info
const xmlChar *cur;   /* the current char being parsed */
const xmlChar *base;   /* the full _expression_ */
Nevertheless, cur and base are always NULL...
I'm missing something important?

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