Re: [xml] converting & to &

Hi Mike,

I'm not that clear, whether you are referring to generating or reading XML
files with libxml. Perhaps you should attach small samples.

I don't know SAX very well (you'll see ;-)) and have now a problem with the
character "&". This getting parsed to "&" in my XML file. Is there a
possibility to disable this funcionality? In my application it is important
that the parser writes the original sign, because the file is readed by a
Cobol-Program which I cannot modify.

If your data contains "&" and the resulting XML file contains
"&" you do have a problem. It is supposed to be handled in
this way and you cannot change it without violating the XML REC.

If for heaven's sake you need a file which looks somewhat like
an XML file but contains naked "&" characters to please the
COBOL app, you can perform a global search and replace

Peter Jacobi

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