[xml] devcpp , linking problems

sorry for asking this question ,

i have a problem compiling projects. 

i use devcpp from bloodshed software running on
windows XP ,
i have put all the libxml headers in the include
directorie of the compiler ,in a subfolder named
so their path is: compilerDirectorie/include/libxml/

i have put the iconv.h and zlib.h in :

i have put the libxml.dll and iconv.dll and zlib.dll
in windows/system32

all the lib files are located in :

my question:
what options do i have to add to compile any project
using the libxml2???
i tried -llibxml2.dll in the extra options but this
does not work ... 
i know maybee this is an general question about
compiling and linking to dlls ,
but i just dont know how to. and what i have to do ,so
that the compiler finds the neccessary files.
maybee export some path variables , but what and where
and how?? 

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