Re: [xml] recursive entities

ok, let's take this further, because i'm definitely not getting the right functionality. i'm using libxml2-2.6.2. if i use the entity defs below, then define an element as

<Foo Name="example">
    <Bar Init="&Height;" />

this will expand so that Init = "2.0 * &Alt;", not Init = "2.0 * 1.0". any clues what i'm doing wrong?


our group would like to use recursive entity definitions, i.e.

<!DOCTYPE Scenario SYSTEM "Scenario.dtd" [
     <!ENTITY Alt "1.0">
     <!ENTITY Height "2.0 * &Alt;">

works fine for me with, e.g. xmllint --noent filename.xml

(version here is libxml2-2.6.6-1mdk)

  Yeah, I doubt such a breakage would go unnoticed though the
regression tests.

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