[xml] libxml and encoding's

Hi all, first of all excese my english :-P

I have a problem with character enconding and libxml2 (2,6) and i'm

Reading the "Encoding" section at the web site it say that internally
libxml2 convert all string to UTF8. 

All that happend even if mi XML is declared as :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
  <b próp="cimarrón" />

When i try tu call : xmlGetProp(node, "próp") with node pointing to the
right node "b" ... the function return NULL. Printing the
node->properties->name field y discover that mi property name is in UTF8
like the doc in the web says. Even more, the text "cimarrón" is in UTF8

I'm confuse of how to write C code to use with the libxml2. do i need to
convert "próp" tu UTF8 before to call xmlGetProp ?, and then convert to
ISO-8859-1 the value of the property ? ... if the answer is "yes", why
this function does not do the encoding convertion from UTF8 to declared
encoding internally?

thx, and i hope that mi question was clear :-)

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