Re: [xml] release of libxml2-2.6.0beta3

On 26.09.2003, at 00:52, Daniel Veillard wrote:

  - what kind of error API people really want

I am using libxml and libxslt in an XML editor GUI application. Currently I have to intercept the message via an error handler.

There are several issues for me in this situation:

- I have to parse the format string and then use varargs to get at information contained in the message, the most important information being the line number (I need this to highlight the line causing the error in the GUI). This parsing is error-prone, it would be better if I could get this information in a structured way. In Java, I can pick up this information in a clean way out of the Exception or "Locator" objects.

- The handler seems to be called for xsl:message messages too, but there is no clean way for me to find out if an error occurred or if it was simply an xsl:message. Currently I abort processing if the handler is invoked at all under the (clearly wrong) assumption that the handler only gets called for errors.

So I guess what would be useful is a clean way to get at the structured error information.

- Severity (like the log level proposed by another poster previously)
- Line number if available
- Column number if available
- Message text for logfiles (i.e. including the other information like line number and severity) - Message text for GUIs (i.e. without any additional information, just the minimal error message) SourceLocator.html

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