RE: [xml] release of libxml2-2.6.0beta3

  - what kind of error API people really want
I think once I have a clear answer on all three, it will just be a
of a bit of coding to get 2.6.0 out for good.

How about support for logging levels, such as log4j and it's derivatives
have?  Something like an enum of log level debug,info,warning, error,
fatal for each message?  Also the other think I would like to see
changed is times where the logging API is called many times for the same
message b/c it is printing a few characters at a time?  An example that
comes to mind is bad XPath expressions, which end up looking like this
in my log:

11/11/03 8:30:01.0123 Invalid XPath Expression
11/11/03 8:30:01.0123 /
11/11/03 8:30:01.0123 s
11/11/03 8:30:01.0123 o
11/11/03 8:30:01.0123 m
11/11/03 8:30:01.0123 e

That is to require that whatever message that goes to the callbacks is
complete in itself and doesn't rely on newlines to determine the end of
one error and the start of another.

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