Re: [xml] release of libxml2-2.6.0beta3


On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 08:52, Daniel Veillard wrote:
Among the question remaining:
  - is there any API/ABI incompatibilities left ?
  - Should SAX2 report DTD defaulted attribute by default or
    only if the option is asked for
  - what kind of error API people really want
I think once I have a clear answer on all three, it will just be a matter
of a bit of coding to get 2.6.0 out for good.

I'm not sure what your time-frame is, but would it possible to wait
until after the weekend before drawing the curtain here? I want to look
at the error stuff in some detail, but I am not going to have time until
tomorrow (Saturday).

I also want to do some checking of my SMIL library against the new APIs,
which may turn up some incompatibilities, since I am diving under the
covers a fair bit in some places.

As far as the DTD default attribute, I don't really have an opinion one
way or the either (assuming the if it's on by default, it is possible to
turn it off somehow). I guess I would very slightly favour reporting the
default value, but I have different programs that use each option, so it
just needs to be changable for me. :-)

Will post some results/comments in a day or so.


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