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I have a question regarding libxml. Someone adviced me
to use libxml, though i couldn't find the functions i
needed. This is what I need: I have 2 char* (C++), a
key and a value, and now I'm searching for a function
in libxml which gives me back a char* with the key and
val combined in a xml char*;

May the Lord strike me down if I understood any of it. Sounds like strcat,
vaguely. Wanna add a prefix to a string, I see no more in it.

char* test = "key";
char* val = "value";
char* buffer;

and a function like:

Tag(key, val, buffer);

And then I need a function backwards, an xml string
(or char*) which gets converted in a kind of map with
key / value stored in it. Can you tell me if something
like that exists in libxml? Thanks in advance.

A map is a common algorithm and has nothing, really nothing to do with XML,
much less with libxml. Maps are described good enough in every book about
algorithms and a myriad of implementations are available, one of which is
used by libxml.

You are free to check and use libxml's implementation, but as it has
nothing, really nothing to do with XML and much less with libxml, you are
better advised to fetch a book about algorithms, a caffeinated beverage of
your choice, a whole lot of enthusiasm and a slight bit of patience.

I copy this to the mailing list, perhaps someone else knows what this is
about ;-)


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