[xml] coruuption of internal buffer in xmlParserInputBufferPtr

I recognised, that when I call xmlParseMemory() the
xmlParserInputBufferPtr (ctxt->input>buf->buffer->content) of the ctxt
is being corrupted. It happens within the call of xmlParseDocument(). If
you set a breakpoint in xmlParserInputBufferGrow() you can see the
buffer is being modified (not just memory reallocated, but there also
seems to be useless reallocation of memory, because of MINLEN).
In my case it's already corrupted, when I get the third time into
xmlParserInputBufferGrow() (sometimes even earlier). Unfortunately I
haven't found the source of the corruption yet...

I am using the libxml2 2.5.11 on Windows2000 compiled with native
threads, iconv enabled, static and with MSVC 6.0.

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