Re: [xml] xmlRemoveID bug and a patch

Hi again.

internally." In the function's present form, this appears to always fail
due to a miscast pointer:

    xmlAttrPtr cur;
    cur = xmlHashLookup(table, ID);
    if (cur != attr) {

The 'table' pointer, which refers to a document's 'ids' table has inserted
into it xmlIDPtrs by the xmlAddID function. Here, they are being cast into 
a xmlAttrPtr and compared with the xmlAttrPtr parameter 'attr'.

  Hum, right too, the ID table used to point directly to an xmlAttrPtr
and this is not the case anymore, bug #2

That little patch on valid.c that I sent was intended as a small fix for 
that one. However, I couldn't be sure that it would work for every 
instance (ie. I don't know how it should/would behave when using a 
streaming mode).

   No that's fine, thanks for the detailed program and explanations,
I will try to get those bugs fixed.

Very happy to help. :-D



William Robinson
baggins elitemail org

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