Re: [xml] patch for tree.c

On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 11:18:08PM -0500, Mark J. Lilback wrote:
There are a few locations where libxml2 isn't honoring a TEXT node's 
name being xmlStringTextNoenc. Here's a patch to fix the problem. 
It's on a slightly older version of the code, but I haven't had time 
to update my application to the new code.

  That's fine, this makes sense, applied.

One other problem I had was with htmlNodeDumpFormatOutput not 
honoring all the instances of xmlStringTextNoenc. I changed the 

  Hum, where ?

comparison to use xmlStrEqual instead of a pointer because I'd like 

  Hum, no it' really should be pointer compares.

to mark some nodes I add (such as for PHP code) to not be encoded 
when output. A much better solution, I think, would be to add an API 
to get/set if a text node is to be encoded.

  Well that was supposed to be restricted to XSLT processing,
and even there disable-output-escaping should be limited to a fairly
small number of pathological cases, not as a general purpose mechanism.
Usually it means something is just not done right from an XML structure
point of view, so I feel a bit annoyed about exposing it too widely.


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