Re: [xml] New error layer seems to break ABI compatibility...

On Tuesday October 28 2003 13:20, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
This looks like the bug that is being discussed in another thread. John
Fleck just filed this bug report:

and your investigations seem to point to the same thing.

This is definitely the exact same bug.

I should point out that with scrollkeeper it is a bit more tricky
identifying the exact problem, since there were a number of memory
management problems in scrollkeeper that have been fixed recently. If
you are building from the 0.3.12 tarball, then you may be able to
trigger some of those (I never could, but they existed in theory).
However, in this case, I think you are looking at a libxml bug.

Yes, I am building from the 0.3.12 tarball, but from the bits of code I looked 
into, it seems to me to be the exact same bug as for xmllint, except that the 
used functions for ctx->error and such, and data in ctx->userData are not the 
same. But both break at the same point.


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