[xml] A method for associating documents and Relax NG schemas

The Relax NG schema language, doesn't define a standard way for
associating an XML document with a Relax NG schema.

A bit of the reasoning behind this, can be found here:

For his Emacs XML mode, nXML, James Clark plans to implement
association between document and schema, in the manner described in
this email:

The email describes an XML format that can be used to locate schemas
for documents, in a myriad ways.  The XML format can be chained in the
same way as OASIS catalogs, and OASIS XML Catalogs, so a similar
structure to what the debian policy document describes for DTDs, can
be adopted for locating Relax NG schemas.

I'm not sure if this format is appropriate for libxml2, or not.  But
it might be a good idea to pick the same method as another free tool
can be used...?

- Steinar

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