RE: [xml] Access Violation when using TLS

I'm not clear about your whole scenario, but here are a couple of thoughts
and questions.

First, are you sure you need to be using LIBXML_STATIC_FOR_DLL?  It's
intended for the case where libxml is statically linked into a DLL.  It
sounds like that may be what you're doing, but I'm not sure.

Second, LIBXML_STATIC_FOR_DLL has no effect if you're using compiler TLS, as
you must be doing if you're crashing in line 397.  Try disabling compiler

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OK, I just read about those older threading patches and about the
"LIBXML_STATIC_FOR_DLL" define. So I added the define, compiled the
2.6.0beta6 again and it still crashes at line 397 in threads.c.

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