Re: [xml] xmlTextWriter

Cool! ^-^

but slightly double work perhaps ? :)
I made another start on a similar xml writer interface, I've mentioned it
before on the mailinglist :)

Currently it's slightly stalled because I'm waiting for the patches of
another mailinglist member,
but it prolly does partly the same as yours :)

Thoug I haven't looked at your code yet , still glad to see someone else
works on the idea too :)

You can find my implementation for as far as it is at :

    Jeroen Cranendonk

Well, this weekend I started to write the xmlTextWriter interface :-).
It lacks the possibility to write DTD's, but I have to learn about DTD's
because I do not know how such a thing looks like (didn't need that).

So you xml gurus out there: please look at the code and tell me what I
did wrong, or what could be improved/added.
(I hope the style is ok now).

Servus -- Alfred

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