Re: [xml] namespace xmllint error (libxml 2.5.11)

Patrick Gundlach writes:
[sample of xml document with namespace and dtd]

Doing the same thing with libxml2 version 2.4.7 (linux) works fine.

That's surprising. Are you sure?
Probably you used as the default namespace.

I am using MacOS X 10.2.6. Same error happened libxml2 2.5.4
installed via "fink", a package manager for OS X. I could not find
anything in the archive/google.

What am I doing wrong?

DTD validation does not work with documents using namespaces.
Use relaxNG (or the subset of XML schema libxml supports) or
add the prefixes (and namespace attributes) to your dtd
(which is a hack, since namespace prefixes should be meaningless outside
the xml instance).

James Clarks trang is a dtd to relaxNG converter, so you would just have to
add the namespace to the relaxNG schema.


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