Re: [xml] WG: Document traversing interface for libxml2

On Fri, 2003-10-03 at 00:16, Daniel Veillard wrote:

  Bjorn, since you seem to have looked at it can you share
some review of the code. If relatively small that could be useful
as a tree API.

Overall the code is well-written. I find it useful as a tree API.
Now we just need xmlTextWriter and its equivalence for the tree API.

There were an error in xmlDocWalkerMoveToAttribute were a null
pointer was freed. I have fixed this, and furthermore added a little
extra error handling.

I have also made some cosmetic changes to make the code more in line
with the rest of the libxml code (e.g. converting tab to 8.)

There is one unresolved issue: <libxml/xmldwalk.h> depends on
<libxml/xmlreader.h> for types.

Modified version of xmldwalk is attached.

Attachment: xmldwalk.c
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Attachment: xmldwalk.h
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