Re: [xml] Re: XInclude in xmlReader interface

On Sat, Nov 29, 2003 at 03:50:13PM +0100, Thomas Rokohl wrote:
mhm, i try this:

 reader = xmlReaderForFile(filename, NULL, 0);
 xmlTextReaderSetParserProp(reader, XML_PARSE_XINCLUDE , 1);

but i also get an xi:include node?
  it's at creation time
    - when creating the reader with xmlReaderForxxx or
      xmlReaderNewxxx pass the XML_PARSE_XINCLUDE option
    - the xi:include node will be transparently replaced from
      a reader viewpoint (you won't see them, just the replacement).

  reader = xmlReaderForFile(filename, NULL, XML_PARSE_XINCLUDE)


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