RE: [libxml++] RE: [xml] xmlCreatePushParserCtxt() docs wrong (wa s RE: [libxml++ ] sax_pars er example: entity not defined)

Well, maybe you want it to be NULL to "make everything work" in your case,
but from an libxml2 API it's a breakage, and need to be fixed. Simply force
it > to NULL in your wrappers, the semantic should not change even if the
bug get fixed.

Your documentation for the SaxHandler callbacks
says that the SAX callbacks receive a context, so I don't see how you can
sensible fix the
xmlCreatePushParserCtxt function
so that it sends something else instead. And I don't see the need, because
people can just use the private_ field of the context.

Just trying to be helpful.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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