[xml] Mailing list ettiquette


This isn't so much related to the mailing list but possibly to try to
retain my and other people's sanity. Within the 'Wrong compiler options'
thread I've seen interleaved quoting, top posting with attributed reply,
top posting without attributed reply, replies with no context and top
posting without indented context.

Whilst everyone has their own preferences for reply formats (I prefer
interleaved quoting, but that's not overly relevant), could there at least
be some guideline for this ? Possibly I'm alone in being confused by the
style changing with every reply.

Whilst I don't necessarily have a contribution to the discussions, I do
still read and follow these threads, where possible.

<http://www.movspclr.co.uk/> <http://homepage.ntlworld.com/justin.fletcher/>
... Do I know you from somewhere ?

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