[xml] Windows Build Change

Hi there.

I have a need to twist the Windows build process again :-) Don't fear, it is
nothing serious and it is mostly compatible to what is available. Binary
distribution doesn't change at all, so those who don't build their own
libxml are unaffected.

First, let's see what would change:

CHANGE 1: The compiler output whould be placed in the compiler-specific
subdirectory of win32 after the build. Assuming the msvc compiler:
- object files would go to int.X.msvc (X varying for static, utils...)
- executables would go to bin.msvc

CHANGE 2: When building libxml, one would have to specify the makefile.
Assuming the msvc compiler:
  nmake /f Makefile.msvc all
  nmake /f Makefile.msvc install
This would also mean that a
  nmake /f Makefile.msvc clean
would only clean msvc-related files, without interferring with what another
compiler might have produced.

That was all. The question is, can everybody live with this? Or does it
break the world somewhere?

What I need is to separate builds using gcc (mingw) and msvc, so that they
can be used simultaneously without interferring with each other. Right now
they do mess each other up because the output directories are the same for
all compilers. With this in place, I would avoid copying the
Makefile.[msvc|mingw|bcb] to Makefile during the configure stage, to avoid
possible confusion and problems, since the builds with different compilers
would in fact be independent.

Any objections on this? Remember, the thing is not a must-have. It is a
nice-to-have. If someone's life becomes hard with this, I will leave it be.


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