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I did not want to force you to make such a change. 
I just wanted to be enlightened about this question (and maybe, I admit, to
philosophize about a question that is unseemly to philosophize).

Thank you for your explanations ... and for your library. :)


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On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 11:22:03AM +0100, GARNIER Pierre wrote:
But some applications - not critical - could give the choice to the 
user to treat the XML despite the "character error".

For example : an XML editor.
If the invalid character is in a CharData (cf XML specs), the XML 

  the editor when failing to parse the file should use xmlRecoverFile()
reserialize and work from there, after having reported the error to the
user. I don't see an editor using the xmlReader interface which is there
more for batch processing and data extraction, not editing.
  The XML spec is *cristal clear* that normal processing *MUST* be dropped
on such an error and no amount of arguing will make me change my library
from a conformant behaviour to a non-conformant one.
  If you want a non-conformant parser use something else. The toolkit
provide a way to recover the instance, but it won't provide a way to make
the default processing especially for things like streaming to 
silently ignore errors, I'm sorry about that I have no sympathy for 
allowing corrupted file on streaming processing.


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