"Re: [xml] serialization to UTF-16LE"


Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 03:17:37PM +0100, Kasimier Buchcik wrote:

Hmm, maby this would not be an issue of compliance, but of readability. 

  Okay, so it's not a big problem. Attribute shouldn't be used for generic
text anyway.

No, no big problem. As the time goes by, I will surely learn to read 
escaped text as fast as plain text ;-)

However, do you see a workaround for this inconvenience? Which 

   No workaround. Changing this would require modifying the serializer code.
This is doable, make a bugzilla request for enhancement, 

Ok done.

but there is no
garantee that this will be done quickly.


No problem.



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