Re: [xml] [PATCH] libxml2-2.6.1 for BeOS

Daniel Veillard:


hmm... i just downloaded cvs again to make new diff and my changes 
appeared in diff again - like they were not applied :(
the file contains AC_DEFINE macros which are extracted by 
the autoheader tool and put into the template.

i couldn't find

Daniel Veillard:

  check look for "case ${host} in" and try to find the
appropriate BeOS options.

Stefan Seefeld:

...and add AC_DEFINE(HAVE_BEOS_THREADS, ...) there. That should do the 

THX :) i'm sending diff with changes to (and changes i made 
before but they were not in cvs).

I tried to make it clean and readable, also with place for other 
platforms. Can someone generate configure script from it and test if it 
works? :)

Bjorn Reese:

1. Using a data type without confirming that it is the correct
   type is a classic portability pitfall. According to your line of 
   reasoning it should be ok to use a double, but does the setsockopt() 
   implementation handle this correctly (I would guess not, as it has no 
   indication about the encoding of the data passed, only its size.)

ok, i've checked that in BeBook (BeOS API docs) again, and it stays there:

"For the SO_NONBLOCK option (and other boolean 
options), you fill the buffer with zeroes if you want to turn the option 
off (the socket will block), and non-zeros if you want to turn 
it on (the socket won't block). In the case of a boolean option, a single 
byte of zero/non-zero will do." (online version: )

Also reading opengroup docs one can think it doesn't matter what type You 
point to, as long as bytes are properly set. AFAIK it could even be string 
of 569 chars, and size 569 :)

2. The bool type is not a standard C data type.

but it's standard on BeOS, and since it's BeOS only part of code...

Anyway i changed it to int - it works here anyway, and there will be no 
fight for few bytes :)

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