[xml] libxml2-2.5.7 on vs.net

Hi Igor (and everybody else),

I downloaded the "igor-binary" 2.5.7 and have only had problems since.
The issue is linking. I get:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _xmlParseMemory 8 referenced
in function [foo bar].....
(and a few other unresolved as well (all I tend to use)).

What's weird is that it seems like I haven't told vs.net to link to the
libxml2.lib library (or _a), but I have. I've tried over and over again,
with and without _a, with and without full path, with and without quotes
around the path and it Just Won't Work!

Is it supposed to be this way with vs.net? I'm running it on Win XP.

Anyway, I skipped that binary, it won't help me anymore that's for sure,
so I downloaded the source. What a mistake :/
Not surprised it didn't work neither, when it tried to compile (with
conversion offcourse) the win32\dsp\libxml2.dsp (that became
libxml2.sln), and it complained on libxml2.def.src line 20, since it
refered to the file xmlwin32version.h. I don't have that file. Who does?
Is it some secret file that I'm not supposed to be aware of? ;)
It was also refered to in the win32\dsp\Readme.txt: "Check the file
xmlwin32version.h for optional features", well honestly, I would love to
check that file if I had it...

I would like to use libxml2, since it "seems like" a good parser, but
the proofs remain unfortunately. How am I supposed to get it to work?
What am I doing wrong? If anyone out there can here me, please give me a
few hints. I don't want to spend hours bug-tracking these things.


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