AW: [xml] Catalogs and relative paths

I'm currently trying to write a Python/XML-based website 
generation program 
using the libxml2/libxslt Python bindings; as part of this I 
need to do some 
sort of URL mapping for source documents, for instance converting 
http://wwwsource/foo to file:///home/smcv/websource/foo.xml. 
(This lets me 
use relative paths starting with / in a convenient way, 
without hard-coding 
my working directory into the site's source.)

A parh starting with '/' is not relative per definition. If you are using
relative paths across your whole application, then it does not depend on
your working directory in any way.

The catalog mechanism seems like the mechanism I'm after, but 
relative paths 
don't seem to be treated in the way I'd expect; I'd like to 
check whether 
this is a bug or a feature before I start trying to fix it :-)

As a test case, I have the following document:

      <doc xmlns:xi="";>
      <txt>This is the correct test.xml.</txt>
      <xi:include href="include.xml"/>

I place this in rewrite/really-test.xml under my web server 
root, set up an 
XML catalog mapping from http://localhost/virtual/test.xml to 
http://localhost/rewrite/really-test.xml, and do
      xsltproc null.xslt http://localhost/virtual/test.xml
where null.xslt is a stylesheet that just prints out text 
nodes. As expected, 
this outputs "This is the correct test.xml". So far so good.

I then add --xinclude to the command line, hoping to get the text of 
http://localhost/virtual/include.xml. Instead, I get the text of 
http://localhost/rewrite/include.xml, i.e. the relative URI 
is looked up 
relative to the final location of the document, rather than 
relative to the 
location I first asked for.

Is this the intended behaviour of the base path when used 
with catalogs, or is 
this a bug?

What does the catalog you are using look like? 


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