Re: [xml] CodeWarrior 8.3 Mac OS X vs. libxml2

Spoke too soon--I think it's all working fine (though if you don't include all of the frameworks, CW gets crash-happy), except that I'm building a plug-in, and apparently, the libxml/iconv/xslt/exslt frameworks have to live in an official executable path (which my plug-in doesn't provide--this is for QuarkXPress 6, a native OS X app). So I guess I'll need an official installer to put those frameworks in System/Library/Frameworks. Ugh.

Thanks to Steve Ball at Zveno for the packaging!

On Saturday, May 24, 2003, at 03:30 PM, Chris Ryland wrote:

Has anyone successfully used CW8.3 under Mac OS X with libxml2 included as a framework.

Getting lots of crashes from the IDE (if I don't include enough of the framework) plus errors about not finding aliases when linking.

Any hints appreciated. Thanks!

--Chris Ryland / Em Software, Inc. /

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