[xml] Compatibility between libxml 2.3.5 and libxml 2.5.6

I am currently using libxml 2.3.5 in my applications and now I want to change to a newer version, perhaps 
Some applications running on the same system is already compiled for libxml 2.3.5 and I don't want to 
recompile those applications.
So my question is this; Is it possible to run applications compiled for libxml 2.3.5 in a system with libxml 
2.5.6 installed?
The shared library are in both cases called libxml2.so.2 so I guess it will run, but are those two versions 
really compatible (i.e. does every function in libxml 2.3.5 still exist in libxml 2.5.6)?

I hope I can get an answer to this question.


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