[xml] Re: compress

I found that no matter I use the --with-zlib=c:/lib/zlib flag in config the builded library do not define the HAVE_LIBZ and
HAVE_ZLIB_H  so I look in the libxml.h and find:
    #if defined(WIN32) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
    #include "win32config.h"
    #elif defined(macintosh)
    #include "config-mac.h"
    #include "config.h"
    #include <libxml/xmlversion.h>
the config.h file is never used becouse I use MINGW and MSYS, so I put this in the win32config.h:
   #ifndef __LIBXML_WIN32_CONFIG__
   #define __LIBXML_WIN32_CONFIG__

   #define HAVE_LIBZ 1
   #define HAVE_ZLIB_H 1

after rebuild libxml2 I can open a valid gziped xml file and save in compress mode. I do not know if what I do is the right way, so please forgive me. If exist other way to make compress work please let me know.

Then you do it the right way, but libxml2 is not suited for MSYS. Since it uses GNU autoconf, it should actually include config.h and not win32config.h. If there is a MSYS-specific macro, we could put it in libxml.h, like we did for Cygwin.


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