Re: [xml] Bug Issue?

On Fri, May 16, 2003 at 12:39:38PM -0500, Stefan Willmert wrote:
Thanks for the notes. I don't fully understand the DOCTYPES. I'll do some
research to understand that and see how it affects my problems.
  Section 3.1.1 , item 4

The point is that before asserting "i would call this a bug." it's
better to fully understand the associated specifications. Libxml2
and Microsoft software may be perfectly conformant, if the user don't
follow the specs, interoperability cannot be guaranteed, because 
you're outside of the intersection of the coverage of the various
specs that are required in this case. One everything has been checked
then yes interoperability problems can be pinpointed and addressed,
but before that it's just shooting in the dark at a moving target.


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