Re: [xml] win32 native threads improvement



Here is an updated version of my patch to improve the
win32 native thread support (avoiding to start a separate
thread to free per-thread data).

It's more correct and also simpler.

threads.c is anything but simple :-)

IMHO, it's now quite robust. For instance, it also
works behind Apache/mod_python, where libxml
gets called by threads that where created *before*
the libxml DLL was loaded the first time...
That one was not so easy to catch ;-(

I asked a girl from the office to go with me for a pint after work. All those pens and paper balls she threw at me were no easier to catch. :-)

Would you care to review it? With that version you
should be able to use native threads instead of ctls
by default.

Sure. I see nothing bad in it, will commit. But not today anymore. We went out after all and my current vision, blurred by wodka lemon, isn't very suitable for any cvs engagement. :-) I could easily miss the entry and commit xerces to libxml repository, now imagine that mess :-) :-)
The coffee will be hot,
And so will be the pot.
My fingers it will burn,
The world will still turn.



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