RE: [xml] xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue problem

Sorry for the confusion. The problem happens when building the program. It
compiles fine. As I indicated in the previous message, it seems
xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue is not an int in globals.h when
LIBXML_THREAD_ENABLED is defined. Instead it is defined as a macro. However,
in my code, ( perhaps a lot other people's code too ), I had a line look

xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue = ( validate ) ? 1:0; 

-- Gang Wang 

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On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 12:20:54PM -0700, Gang Wang wrote:
Hi, everyone:

I was using the binary release of libxml2.4.22 and recently 
updated to
2.5.7, posted at by igor
( Thanks for the great work, igor). The new 2.5.7 gives me 
an error during
linking, complaining about 
xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue could not be
referred. By digging into the header file, I think the 
problem is related
with how that binary is built. Here is the piece related 
with this in

  What platform Windows I assume ? When you say you have "linking"
problems, do you mean when linking the library in the program or
at runtime when loading the shared library ?


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