[xml] Re: xmllints options

Oliver Fischer wrote:

xsltproc comes with an option -nonet. Is there a similar option for xmllint? I have not seen such an option...

Eh, it could be very useful option... For example, for building
libxslt - now libxslt cvs contains file
$(PAGES): $(srcdir)/xslt.html $(srcdir)/site.xsl
         -@(if [ -x $(bindir)/xsltproc ] ; then \
           $(bindir)/xsltproc --html $(srcdir)/site.xsl
$(srcdir)/xslt.html > index.html ; fi )
         -@(if [ -x $(bindir)/xmllint ] ; then \
           $(bindir)/xmllint --valid --noout $(PAGES) ; fi );

So libxslt build host must have internet access ?

It is possible to make parameter in Makefiles for pass extra
options to all xmllint/xsltproc commands ?


Regards, Vyt
mailto:  vyt vzljot ru
JID:     vyt vzljot ru

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