[xml] bug in xpath/xpointer ids processing?

Hi, Daniel!

One of xmlsec users reported a problem with "id()" xpath function
when id attribute contains a plus sign. For example,

    [aleksey lsh gnome-xml]$ cat test.xml
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE test [
    <!ATTLIST Test id ID #IMPLIED>
        <Test id="a+b">

    [aleksey lsh gnome-xml]$ ./testXPath --input test.xml "id('a+b')"
    Object is a Node Set :
    Set contains 0 nodes:

As far as I can understand "id()" function description (section 4.1 of XPath 1.0 spec), the id attribute "a+b" is perfectly valid. And I believe that the problem is caused by
the second loop in xmlXPathGetElementsByIds() function:
while ((IS_LETTER(*cur)) || (IS_DIGIT(*cur)) ||
              (*cur == '.') || (*cur == '-') ||
              (*cur == '_') || (*cur == ':') ||
              (IS_COMBINING(*cur)) ||

As far as I can understand, it should be replaced with

while ((!IS_BLANK(*cur)) && (*cur != 0)) cur++;

(according to comment before this function, "ids: a whitespace separated list of IDs"). After making this change, all the XPath and XPointer regression LibXML tests are OK
as well as all the XMLSec regression tests.

I wonder what is your opinion on this because I just do not have enough knowledge of
xpath internals to assure myself that it's a correct change.

Thank you in advance,

Index: xpath.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/gnome-xml/xpath.c,v
retrieving revision 1.218
diff -r1.218 xpath.c
<       while ((IS_LETTER(*cur)) || (IS_DIGIT(*cur)) ||
<              (*cur == '.') || (*cur == '-') ||
<              (*cur == '_') || (*cur == ':') || 
<              (IS_COMBINING(*cur)) ||
<              (IS_EXTENDER(*cur)))
<              cur++;
<       if ((!IS_BLANK(*cur)) && (*cur != 0)) break;
      while((!IS_BLANK(*cur)) && (*cur != 0)) 

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