Re: [xml] HTMLparser comment parsing bug and patch

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, William M. Brack wrote:

I can see the purpose of the code, and it is well-intentioned but,
unfortunately, incorrect.  Although I'm sure your patch fixed your
current problem, it is not good for many other cases involving
comments.  I think the attached patch should be the proper
correction.  Could you test it for me and let me know?  If it's ok,
I'll commit it to CVS.

No, it doesn't fix the problem.  Your patch now sets "incomment"
until it reaches the end of the comment being parsed - which means
it's gone past the sequence it's looking for.  So it has exactly
the same problem, made worse by the fact that it's doing more parsing.

Can you explain what the purpose of the "incomment" stuff is?
Under what circumstances does it want to to look past a comment
for a token?

Nick Kew

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