[xml] Compiling libxml-2.5.8 under Win32 for xsldbg

Hi Igor,

I had some minor trouble compiling libxml-2.5.8 for the new version xsldbg 
I've been working on
        1)  nanoftp.c: and nanohtp.c  do an include of config.h  that can't be right 
as they already include libxml.h
       2) configure.js doesn't write the "LIBXML_<FOOBAR>_ENABLED' defines to 
        3)  libxml2.def.src has some missing WIN32 exports and a missing #ifdef 
        4) I've probably done sonething wrong,  but MSVC.Net uses msvcrt70.dll when 
the /MD compiler flag is used. This seems to be the cause of the segfaults I 
was experiencing - though I not aware of option to force the compiler to use 
msvcrt.dll instead.  Anyhow all that was required to build the libxml/libxslt 
libraries myself and all went well. 

Attached are the diff to my configure.js and  libxml2.def.src


Keith  Isdale
http://sourceforge.net.projects/xsldbg  |   xsldbg helping understand 

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