Re: [xml] xmlreader + entities

On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 05:38:19PM +0100, Graham Bennett wrote:
Hi Daniel, all,

  Hi Graham,

Is there a way to get notification of entity declarations with the
xmlreader interface?  I see there is a node type (6) for them, but when
I parse a simple document with entity declarations parsing doesn't stop
at those nodes.  If I can't get them as the document is being parsed,
can I look them up afterwards in some internal structure?

   Hum, I think we tried to follow the behaviour from C# XmlTextReader
interface, maybe we missed that when going over comparison with Stephane
Bidoul. Do you want to see the entities declarations or references ?

Also is there a way to avoid using the numerical values for the node
type, i.e. are they defined in some header somewhere?

  Hum, so far we have only numbers there. Seems that C# defines them as enums

maybe we should define an enum (but possibly change the names, at least
uppercase and prefix them).

On an unrelated note I see that it's possible to enable -fexceptions
when building via CFLAGS, which didn't seem to work before.

  Hum, right I should have added this to ...


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