RE: [xml] Windows threading issues

He did not submit a patch, but a modified thread.c (attached).
He made the changes against 2.5.6 or 2.5.7, I think, so you'll
need to diff with the current version and check manually.

  Hum, what's the status of this. Should this be applied (in which
case a patch would be better) or do Windows users don't have consensus
on that code ?


To me the code looks ok, 
although I have not tested.

It solves a memory leak that occurs 
when libxml2.dll is unloaded before the
threads that have been using it terminate.

That scenario looked quite "exotic" to me, 
but apparently other stumbled on similar,
but not exactly identical problems.
Since Jesse Pelton is going to test it and
see if it applies to his scenario,
I'd suggest to wait for his feedback,
then see we if can have (or need) a more 
general solution.


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