RE: [xml] Building on Windows

I get an error when I try that

...\configure.js(202, 4) Microsoft JScript compilation error: Syntax error

There wouldn't be a version problem with JScript would there?
I am running WindowsXP!

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I think you need to run configure.js. Go to the win32 directory, run
"cscript configure.js help" to see what the options are, then 
run "cscript
configure.js <options>" with your choice of options.

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I recently decided to evaluate libXml (I currently use 
xerces) in order to
get Digital Signature support but I can't get it to build anything

I got the latest version (libxml2-2.5.8.tar.gz) and simply went to the
win32\dsp folder and tried to compile the libxml project.
It complains about files being missing, an they are missing 
but I'm not sure
what they are for or where to get them.

The error messages are as follows
(I don't know why the first build gives a different error, or 
why that error
goes away)

first build (debug)
.\libxml2.def.src(20) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file:
'../../include/libxml/xmlwin32version.h': No such file or directory

any other build (debug or release)
..\..\include\libxml/encoding.h(27) : fatal error C1083: 
Cannot open include
file: 'iconv.h': No such file or directory

can anyone tell me why these files are missing, I'm running VC6

      Thanks, Vin

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