Re: [xml] validate by schema works but only after reparsing ?

Hi Daniel,

On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 06:48:07PM +0200, Peter Sobisch wrote:
Parsing the data the pointer will be set properly, therefore I had have 
to save first and than reparse the data.
Is it an intentional behaviour not updating the content pointer ?
  on what kind of node ? On an element, yes ! An element content is stored
in the children list, not on content !
oups, of course, my fault. 
I went through my code and added a print statement after xmlNodeSetContent
with node->content, without thinking about the child :-)

well, now I discovered my "ghost" content value of a element node.
If xmlLineNumbersDefaultValue is set to TRUE , the parser stores 
line numbers into node->content:

1373      if (ctxt->linenumbers) {
1374          if (ctxt->input != NULL)
1375              ret->content = (void *) (long) ctxt->input->line;
1376      }

after adding element nodes with xmlNewChild or similar, they have NULL pointer
in content (exactly as you said). But the validation code seems
to except there line numbers (or whatever I didn't look there).
Of course, the text nodes have the right content pointer at this place.

It is intentional behaviour storing line numbers into content ?
(in text nodes content don't contain the line number)

best Regards,

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