Re: [xml] xsldbg and xmlAddEntityReference

Quoting Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com>: 
On Sun, Jul 06, 2003 at 11:50:22PM +1000, Keith Isdale wrote: 
Hi Daniel, 
I have been experimenting with the SAX and xmlTextReader API interface and 
believe that the same functionality provided by xmlAddEntityReference can 
achieved by the "user" seting thier own xmlDefaultSAXHandler.getEntity. It 
my view that  xmlAddEntityReference code could be marked as "depreciated". 
  too late, xmlSetEntityReferenceFunc is now part of the API and must 
Second I don't see the relationship to your patch, I bet your problem is 
you loose line numbering as a result of ordering the nodes, but you can't 
just drop a patch in without explanation... 
Fair enough.  
I'm at a loss as to why but, in the current libxml the callbacks to xsldbg via xmlAddEntityReference no 
contain the nodes that end up on the final document ( the xmlAddEntityReference callback seems receive a 
I had been working on a patch that moves the calls from xmlParseReference to either higher up in the logic 
(imediately after the entity had been resolved) or into the getEntity function;  eg 
        if (ent->etype == XML_EXTERNAL_GENERAL_PARSED_ENTITY) 
                xmlAddEntityReference(ent, ent->children, ent->last); 
I thought such a patch, even though it fixed the intension of the xmlAddEntityReference callbacks, it would 
change the current xmlAddEntityReference behaviour which I thought would be unacceptable to libxml users. 
Keith Isdale 

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