Re: [xml] Run-time error during XML parse

   Thanks for the enlightening reply. I have started
using xmllint to pre-validate XML documents that will
be used by my application. The run-time error has been

However, I am still not able to correctly parse
sub-nodes of the root.

This mailing list is intended to discuss problems or enhancements to
the libxml library, and is really not meant as a place to learn
about basic xml.  So, in fairness to the other list members, please
find a more appropriate list to post these sorts of questions.

However, anyone who replies to my initial mild rebuke with a "Thanks
for the enlightening reply" can't be all bad :-) - I'm sending you
(off list) a more detailed explanation which I hope will help answer
your current question.  The major suggestion which I offer is to use
the "--debug" on xmllint to give you a simple picture of the tree
you are working with.


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