Re: [xml] New user of libxml

I'm looking for a simple example of a creation of a new
xml document from scratch (I mean from nothing).

attached is a code sample for creating a simple xml document, and saving
it to file.

there isn't much more to know for building a complex one

thank you so muck!
it works perfectly ;)

Also I was looking for a function able to convert a Xml Doc
into a *char.

not sure to understand your question: if you want to dump your created
xmlDoc structure to memory then you can use, for instance, xmlDocDumpMemory

best entry point for related issues is to browse, you will find all functions

In fact the goal is to convert a doc which type is xmlDoc in a string with
*char type
But I'll look deeper into the doc

thanx again

Jean S.

Mansuy DEJEAN <mdejean prosodie com>
Développement & Intégration - Boulogne
Prosodie <>

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