[xml] Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?=5Bxml=5D_=E4=2C=F6=2C=FC_in_xml_file?=

On Fri, Jan 17, 2003 at 11:47:34AM +0100, Gero Gräber wrote:
Hello libxml Experts,

I want to use german ä ,ö ,ü letters in my xml File. I use ä and ü ... for the german "umlaute".
But I got this error, when running xmlParseFile(), in the console window in Windows 2000 (no compile or 
linking errors): 

" ../xml/website.xml:178: error: Entity 'ouml' not defined
                                <beschreibung>Karriereb&ouml;rse</beschreibung> "

I haven´t expected that, because &amp; is read without any problems. 

  &amp; is a predefined XML entity. Any non-predefined entity must be declared
in the DTD. Simply use "ä ,ö ,ü" directly and make sure your whole
file is correct ISO-8859-1 and declare it as
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

That's not a libxml related question. It's purely an XML question,
independant of the software used to process the data.


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