RE: [xml] Error handling with the XmlReader API

  Okay, looks good, compiles and regression tests are fine. I added to the python tests. My only little concern is about
varargs, I hope you followed the existing code in error.c because I
remember it took a few iterations before getting reliable and portable
code for varargs error handlers...

I copied buildMessage from libxml.c in the python bindings,
but it looks very similar to the XML_GET_VAR_STR macro in errors.c. 
<stdarg.h> is required for compile, as in error.c... 

While coding this, I noticed I was providing a distinction
between validation errors and other errors. I did not provide
such a distinction for the xmlParserCtxt error handlers
at the python level. 
Is such a distinction useful?
Should I add the 2 necessary callbacks for the xmlParserCtxt 
python bindings?


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