Re: [xml] HTMLparser enhancements

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Daniel Veillard wrote:

/* new fields - should stand a chance of binary-compatibility if
   we just put them on the end

  Yes, and it's basically a libxml2 only table, we don't expect
user code to allocate such entries.

Indeed.  Actually I'd ideally like to make it writable and add a
void* userdata field (which I'd use to store a function that'll
be called from SAX [start|end]Element handlers).  But I thought
that making it non-const would probably not be acceptable.

  Hum, how do you fill that ? Based on HTML4.01 DTDs ?

Yes.  Or, equivalently, XHTML 1.0.  It's basically just extending
what you've done.

Seems you don't suggest handling required attributes (like alt on img).

Indeed.  Yes, it would benefit from that info.  The reason I don't suggest
it is that I haven't implemented it in this form, but it should be
straightforward.  Also there's the issue that you can't do meaningful
repair of missing attributes without human intervention.

  Okay, I wonder if such a list doesn't exist already in another way
within the HTML parser.

If so I've overlooked it.  But I've done most of the hard work for
libhtnorm - and am now reusing that.

  Sounds good, please go ahead !

OK, will do.

Any recent changes to htmlParser?  Should I be sure to patch
against current CVS, or will a recent-ish 2.4.x release suffice?

Nick Kew

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